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Ready to elevate your business with a retreat?

Your vision, our expertise, together we'll curate an unforgettable event!

Ready to travel, but don’t have the time to plan? No problem! Our time, our expert planning, your memories.

Does your company or retreat need an epic adventure day? Let us keep it simple and create an amazing adventure for you!

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At Travel Made Simple, we go beyond. Beyond simply booking travel, beyond the basic retreat and beyond the typical group-gathering. We use our expertise, to create memorable travel and retreats. No stress, only fun. Using our time, not yours.

The first step is connecting. We want to get to know you, as a traveler, as a leader, as a human, first. Understanding who you are and what you are looking to create, helps us curate the perfect adventure for you, or for your event. We take care of every last detail, so you don't have to.

Don't know where to begin? Or where you want to go? No problem. Simply click one of the links above and we'll go from there. Let us show you how simple it can be!

Berchestgaden, Germany

What Our Clients Say

"Aryn is our secret weapon for travel done right!

For our family adventures, my company events, or my personal getaways, she and the Travel Made Simple team, have a system that satisfies our every need.

She has gotten to know us so well that the locations, excursions, amenities... every detail is perfectly designed just for us.

Worry and stress has been completely removed.

Travel Made Simple has made all the difference.

Thank you Aryn and team, we are so grateful you are a part of our best memories."

Danelle Delgado

Life Intended, LLC

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"We will definitely be working with Aryn again!

We host events every few months, so we have a lot of experience when it comes to hiring event planners. That's why, we can honestly say-Aryn has been the best we've ever worked with! Her spirit of excellence and her attention to detail really impressed us.

She helped us organize a team retreat and every single detail was planned out!

So if you're looking for a stellar event manager for your next event, you found her!"

Nadya Melton

Bella Vista Vacations

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I can't say enough about Aryn's skills when it comes to locating the PERFECT destination for group retreats! She is an exceptional listener, and considers all the facts and feels when creating the EXACT experience we want for our retreat attendees. Aryn goes the extra mile to integrate things that make it a unique and exceptional event, creating memories for a LIFETIME! As someone who is incredibly busy, my time is important to me. I love knowing, that without a doubt, Aryn and her team will get the job done when it's time for a team retreat, keeping it simple for me.

So grateful!

Jenn Cooper

Crave the Close

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"I have seen the sun set on the other side of theworld, and it changed me"

Travel isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Adventures with loved ones, culinary exploration, new landscapes, taking steps into pieces of history... those memories should be made today, not someday.

From law enforcement to real estate, business owner to event planner, Aryn knows people and how to serve with excellence. With her own family of four, they have traveled to 3 continents, 13 countries, and made the most of each adventure!

She knows, that it's in the details where most travel or events fall short, or fall apart. Aryn and her team are all about the details, so you don't have to be. No more stress, no more confusion, just simple enjoyment. Aryn keeps it that way.

So before you book anything, book a conversation with Aryn.

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Customized Travel & Retreat Planning

Your Style, your preferences, our time and planning. Its that simple.

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Book with us to take advantage of VIP hotel perks and upgrades with our hotel partners

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Tours & Activities

We use our insider knowledge to connect you with the best in the business!

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